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How Economics and Game Theory explain the shortage of available, attractive men!

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Read this (yet another amazing) Slate magazine article (thank you Aneurin). This one on how game theory in Economics explain why all the attractive and sociable young men are gone/out of the market. The paradox of eligible bachelors is apparently that women who are ”strong bidders”, meaning conventionally deemed more a catch cause of looks, social ability etc, will loose to the ”weak bidders”, the women who are not all that. The reason for this is simple: the weak bidders know that they can be outbid so they are more aggressive, whereas the ”strong bidders” hold out for the really good catch, which by then will be gone! So be aggressive ladies and know what you want!

En tanke på “How Economics and Game Theory explain the shortage of available, attractive men!

  1. That article is kind of ”cute” and ”funny”, but it’s also so over-simplistic it almost hurts. That’s the problem with mainstream media: in their quest for ”attention-whoring”, they sacrifice accuracy and common-sense for pseudo-cuteness.

    A less funny, but slightly more serious article on dating / marriage markets is Sex and the City by Prof. Lena Edlund (a very Swedish name). The abstract:

    Throughout the industrialized world, young women outnumber young men in urban areas. This paper proposes that such a pattern may be linked to higher male incomes in urban areas. The argument is that urban areas offer skilled workers better labor markets. Assuming that there are more skilled males than females, this alone would predict a surplus of males. However, the presence of males with high incomes may attract not only skilled females but also unskilled females. Thus, a surplus of women in urban areas may result from a combination of better labor and marriage markets. Swedish municipality data support the results.

    The idea that all ”romantic” relationships can be seen from a pure Economics point of view does indeed bother most people. It’s not cute, it’s not funny. But I would be more worried if all there’s in dating is a war where ugly women bid aggressively for the best males (where ”best” would mean a combination of looks, wealth, good genes, etc).


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