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Bear with me.

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Today our JCR (typ elevråd) choose to spend £200 on cookies/doughnuts and spirits (Whiskey, Absolut, Pimms) in the middle of the day, then giving it away for ”free” to the students. Of course we all paid for it on our battles and it’s definitely not ”free”. This is not what the JCR should do. Couldn’t they find a little better way of spending my money? Especially since they keep on complaining that we’re such a poor college. And if I, against all odds, would like a doughnut in the burning sunshine I could buy that myself. End of story.

3 tankar om “Bear with me.

  1. Well, it’s free at the point of use. Which is fair enough.

    Anyway, I’m not sure how it works at Hilda’s, but you can normally opt out of extra things (eg. charitable giving) on your battels. If you don’t like Hilda’s JCR using collective funds, then opt out of the JCR levy.

  2. No, that’s the problem. We can’t do that at Hilda’s and there hasn’t been a JCR motion on it or anything like that. The committee has, as far as I understand, just taken the decision. That’s what I have problems with.

  3. I recommend you bring a motion to your next JCR meeting, saying that you should be able to opt out of JCR levies if you want to. I imagine it’d pass.


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