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Thank God it’s ”cool” to be Conservative again.

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Amuzing article in the FT today on the surging popularity of student Conservative associations across the country. They are writing about OUCA and our increased attendance at P&P on Sundays:

”The consumption of port is rarely the most accurate way to judge the level of support for a political movement. But for Guy Levin, president of the Oxford University Conservative Association, those empty bottles of fortified wine are a good indicator of the growing popularity of the Conservative party.”

So for us who thought it was ”cool” all along to be a Conservative, we can now sit back and enjoy the ride and increased company.

3 tankar om “Thank God it’s ”cool” to be Conservative again.

  1. Oh my God!!! Drinking Port now implies being a conservative! Conclusion: I have been a conservative for years, so it seems 😉

    Seriously now, given that my hometown is the city which gave Port wine its name, I am amused to acknowledge that Port is popular among students over there in the UK, even if its only among the ”conservative” ones. It’s not just about being ”cool” (whatever that means), but about having good taste. And if anyone wants some bootles of vinateg Port, let me know (I happen to know some wine-makers LOL)

  2. *vintage

    (not ”vinateg”) :-S

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Reasoning!


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