Josefin Malmqvist

With plumes and red lace in Heythrop park

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Union ball last night in Heythrop park outside Oxford. The theme – Moulin Rouge. (As a very frequent visitor to the red mill on Boulevard Clichy, I must say it did not resemble much of the real thing – despite the burlesque dancers.) It was still a great evening in my opinion.

After a half hour bus ride, we all arrived at this beautiful mansion in the countryside.

Heythrop park.

Melvin and I.


The dancers did not impress much on me (even though Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec probably would have been content). More entertaining was instead studying people watching this spectacle, like Anthony and Tom in the picture above.

I had a great time, chatting and dancing to friends all night.

   Meredith and Tom at Maxwells.

Afterparty at Maxwells. And yes Ernie, it wasn’t that bad. Although I wonder what they think of us, as last time we came was after the hunt ball, also dressed up in white tie.

Great night. More pictures are to be found on facebook.


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