Josefin Malmqvist

Procrastination. There should be a Nobel prize.

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In Alfred Nobel’s will he wrote that a prize should be rewarded for exceptional contribution to mankind in Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Literature and work for Peace. But he clearly forgot one: procrastination.

Some people just do best procrastinating. That is the most advantageous thing they could do, from a mankind perspective.

So, today I’ve, apart from attending a couple of drawn-out meetings, been jogging in the mist, written a UCAS application and lost myself dreaming about a new little black dress.

Highly productive, especially with regards to my degree. So Alfred, I insist on me getting one of those medallions.

2 tankar om “Procrastination. There should be a Nobel prize.

  1. Förlåt, men vad betyder procastination?

  2. Ahem, I think the award goes to the person who procrastinates most, and since I’m on your blog 5 months later when I should be writing an essay, having been at my desk for 2 hours with nothing done yet, I think that award goes to me.


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