Josefin Malmqvist

Suddenly it’s Sunday, and in a blink it’s Monday.

It’s been such a busy day today. Haven’t been able to write much I’m afraid.

OUCA council in the morning, with not much exciting news really.

Shopping food with Anita for the pick-nick. Quite exciting to be honest. Amazing how much things there are at Sainsbury’s.

PPE pick-nick. Great fun, shame so many missed out. Quite cold though, but after having brought back the winter coat that was absolutely fine. Such a shame the heat and sun has left again.

High tea with Hannah. Amazing.

Hustings for JCR elections. Almost 3 hours! Ruthless.

Port & Policy with Liberty. Interesting debates and some really good speakers. Debate about if a stronger state is needed to tackle terrorism vs. civil liberties. Many good points.

Finals chat with Aneurin. I’m glad I don’t have finals tomorrow morning.

Running around putting up election posters around college.

That’s basically my day. Need to get some sleep now. Hopefully I’ll actually get some work done tomorrow. Good night.