Josefin Malmqvist

Back Boris!

On 1st May, the over-analysis and navel gazing of Westminster’s media pundits won’t matter any more. All that will matter is that Londoners from all corners of the capital have a real choice, between four more years of the same old arrogance from Ken Livingstone, or a change for the better led by Boris Johnson.

When you cast your vote on 1st May you can choose between someone who will bring honesty, energy and fresh-thinking to the job of Mayor, or a tired, out-of-touch politician who will revert to form the day after he is elected. Ken Livingstone will never change. He’s had years to work for London and he hasn’t delivered. If re-elected he’ll just carry on raising taxes, ignoring crime, and squandering taxpayers’ money.

But this election can change all that. With the right result, it can make a difference to the lives of ordinary Londoners. If you want a tougher approach to crime, if you want to see more value from your Council Tax, if you want less congestion and better public transport, if you want more green spaces and better planning in London, you MUST come out and vote for that change, by backing Boris Johnson.