Josefin Malmqvist

Blairs buy £4 million mansion

The former PM Tony Blair and his wife have bought former actor Sir John Gielgud’s 18th century estate. This is the couple’s sixth property so you naturally understand that they needed another one… ”They also have two in London, two flats in Bristol and a home in Mr Blair’s old constituency in Co Durham” the Sun reports.

Those of you familiar with Swedish politics recognise the concept of former Labour Prime Ministers buying large country side mansions after retirement, or planing for retirement as was the case in Sweden. Article in Aftonbladet about the large estate, from 2005. Picture from the Swedish State Television (SVT) of Persson’s mansion below.

The similarities are stiking. What I don’t understand is that they don’t realise how this undermines their credibility, in wanting to represent the working class. The Socialists are no longer the party of the working class, that is for sure. The Conservatives are now, across Europe, the credible and responsible party for hard working citizens.

This was one of many factors that contributed to people’s loss in confidence in the Swedish ”Labour” party in 2006; that may also become the case here in Britain.

On a slightly less serious note, I just remembered the campaign film recorded by MUF Sthlm in the election campaign in 2006. You’ll see the house in the background. (Unfortunately, it’s in Swedish) Daniel Somos and Astrid Grufman ligger bakom den om jag inte minns helt fel.