Josefin Malmqvist

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Charity drinks.

Last night, OUCA arranged charity drinks at the Oxford Union. Help for Heroes is a charity that supports injured British servicemen and women and all proceeds from the evening went to them.

Over 70 bottles of Cava, ready to be served. 

Simon and Tom enjoying the evening.

Guy and myself. 

The boys from Somerville.


Guy welcoming everyone. 

Brad, Anna, Matthew and myself.

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Campaigning for Stafford.

Just putting up some pictures from the campaign today, campaigning for the Oxford Conservatives.

If you’re in Oxford, living in central part of town, vote for Alexander Stafford on May 1st.  Great guy!


Everyone’s helping out to get Alex elected. He’ll be an MP in 10 years so better keep him …close. Great day. Will have to open some books now before the charity drinks tonight (pictues to be expected). Cherio!