Josefin Malmqvist


So last night there were a lot of things to celebrate:


United won Champions League. (As I don’t have a TV here, I didn’t see it Wed night, but read about it Thurs morning. Sooo sad I missed that game… Oh well.) At least a reason to celebrate, even though it’s always a shame when it ends with penalties.


Charlotte Perrelli is now ready for the finals on Saturday, after a great performance during last night’s semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest. Ok, so perhaps not so much. I haven’t even heard the song ”Hero”, and I think it’s a shame they send the same person twice, as she was there a couple of years ago as well. It probably shouldn’t be allowed, as the idea is to get new people out there. But, oh well. She is Swedish and she’s representing Sweden in Belgrade so go go go Charlotte!

I won my JCR elections, which I wrote about the other day. I ran for College Affairs (accomodation, security, food etc.) and got almost 3 times the votes of my opponent. Which definately was something to celebrate!

Last night, the celebrations lasted all night. After two glasses of white wine and two hours after midnight, however, I was more than happy to call it a night. Don’t know if I’m getting old or if my Viking-resistance to alcohol has suddenly escaped me. It was a good night.

Went for a run in Christ Church meadows this morning, which was absolutely amazing! It was misty and a bit chilly today, but such a nice day. A calm day – the meadows were completely abandonned – and the best cure for a hangover.