Josefin Malmqvist

Divorce and new acquaintances

So this might sound quite silly to someone who has not experienced something similar. But I’m telling you – it’s not!

I have a calculator which gives me the answers to my questions. I’ve had it for many years. I still don’t understand close to a majority of its functions. But I like it. If I can’t solve an equation by hand, I enter it, get the answer and solve the equation backwards. Brilliant. It has taken me through many exams.

Now they’ve decided that I’m not allowed to use my calculator. Silly rules. Why? It’s not like someone is going to tell me in the future, outside the small aquarium of Oxford, that I’m not allowed to use my calculator, to solve real-world problems. What’s important is that I get the solution.

I therefore had to buy a new one. Which wont give me the answers. It hurts. And I am a bit bitter, I must admit. Just needed to tell someone about that. Thank you for listening.