Josefin Malmqvist

Greed + selfishness = best recipe to cure naivety

There are some things that make me truly angry. People being greedy is one of them.

Greed in itself is not necessarily wrong, it can even be something to strive for in certain situations, but when you’re being greedy at someone’s expense, it’s not alright.

Many would call me naive; perhaps less so today than a year or five years ago. I’ve learnt my lessons along the road of life; hit some mines and walked on. That’s what life is all about.

Today I hit another mine. When I least expected it. It does not have to be a mine that blows you away completely, but just enough to leave a permanent mark in your heart.

I feel fooled, but I guess the only thing to do is to take a deep breath and move on. I’m breathing and breathing. You share something with someone, and you expect to get something in return.

Remember as a child when you and your friend both had an ice cream each. Your friend asks you if she can taste your ice cream and swallows the whole thing. Before you have time to react, she’s swallowed her own too; without offering you to taste hers. I guess it’s fine if it happens once; it’s not that big a deal. The second time, you get a bit annoyed, but it’s not worth a fight. It’s just an ice cream. The third time it feels like you’ve been swindled too many times. Today was probably the tenth time and I’m just a fool.

You’re now thinking it’s my own fault for being such a naive idiot. That’s probably true. But, I can’t help thinking how some people can take, and take, and take without even once giving anything back in return. In the mean time, I will continue walking. And hopefully I wont hit the same mine tomorrow.