Josefin Malmqvist

The Great Feast

It’s hard to explain the last day of exams, mostly because my memory is patchy to say the least. Oh well, thank god for cameras! 12 hours of constant celebrations in Merton Street outside Exam Schools, Turf, the Isis (river), restaurants, more pubs and so on. A great day. Here are some pics to sum it up!

Me. In sub fusc, hat and glases.


Anna and Emily.


Hugging a Champagne-bottle. God, I was exhausted! Iris in the background, enjoying the new found freedom.


Me and Frederick.


Emily in the Rose. Anna, Hannah, Emily and I enjoyed a fantastic cream tea with Champagne à la SATC


Punting on the Isis. Hannah and Tom enjoying the rid, while Simon bravely try to curb the wildly spirits of the punting-stick.

A great day! For more pics, look here as per usual.