Josefin Malmqvist

The last of the Eminent Victorians, the New Britannia, the Iron Lady

Came across some great quotes today working on British politics – all about or by our Margret Hilda Thatcher. Couldn’t help but to put up some of them here. Old quotes you can’t read too many times…

”You know there are times, perhaps once every thirty years, thre is a sea change in politics. It then does not matter ehat you say or do. There is a shift in what the public wants and what it apprroves. I suspect there is now such a sea change – and it is for Mrs. Thatcher.” Prime Minister Callaghan in 1979, facing electoral defeat

”We can go on as we have been dong, we can continue down. Or we can stand up and with a decisive act of will we can say ’Enough.'” Thatcher

”Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.” Thatcher

”The Lady’s not for turning.” Thatcher


”M. Delors, said at a press conference the other day that he wanted the European Parliament to be the democratic body of the community, he wanted the commission to be the executive and he wanted the council of Ministers to be the Senate. No. No. No.” Thatcher


”From the first I regarded it as my duty to do everyting I could to reinforce and further President Reagan’s bold strategy to win the Cold War.” Thatcher

”One day liberty will dawn on the other side of the wall.” Thatcher

”I knew that far more important than what I said was the fact that I, as Prime Minister, was there to say it.” Thatcher

”I have never minimised the importance of society, only contested the assumption that society means the State rather than other people.” Thatcher

”We now know that it is not government, but free enterprise, which is capable of creating wealth, providing jobs and raising living standards.” Thatcher