Josefin Malmqvist

Filling the gaps

Just woke up. You know the feeling when you’ve woken up and it feels like you’ve slept away most of the day. Shame. That’s me.

Met some friends in the corridor who’ve been up working, or even worse revising (for the exams we’ll have end of this term), since 7 this morning. In the mean time I’ve just slept. Oh well. I feel so guilty. It’s a normal Wednesday and I decided to sleep a little longer. Is there something wrong with that?

Last night, Hannah and I went for a great italian dinner, soon realising that after that carb-load, and cheese, and olive oil and I don’t know what, we definately needed to go dancing later. Next stop was the Union where Alan Rickman was speaking on his new film. Okey, so who is he? I don’t have a clue about actors. This is what Tansey wrote about him: ”Alan Rickman is one of Britain’s most versatile actiors, many of Rickman’s most high profile roles have involved playing silver screen villains from Hans Gruber in Die Hard, to the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood, and most recently Snape in Harry Potter.” Okey, so Snape I know. Unfortunately we didn’t get in though, too popular event as it turned out. Oh well.

We turned over to the Union bar instead; later the Duke of Cambridge for great cocktails. Raspberry Martini. Yum. OUCA club night with a great turnout. Eventually we all rolled over to the Bridge for a full night out. Great evening. Last thing I remember was probably that you needed to buy drinks for £10 in the bar to be able to pay by card. You get a lot of drinks for £10. And I don’t like Tequila shots either. But it was a great evening. Found two pictures on my cam too. Not as many as usual. Wonder why.

 Elisabeth and Christopher. Anthony and Luke.