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Hur mycket är en miljard?

Missade du Annika Lantz och Dick Kling på P1? De pratade om hur mycket en miljard är och vad man kan få för den. Hur många renoverade kök, dagisplatser eller JAS-plan räcker den till? Och är en politisk miljard annorlunda än en miljard på marknaden? Väldigt underhållande. Missade du inslaget igår (29de), kan du göra som jag och lyssna här. Dick börjar prata 23 minuter in i programmet.  

Om du inte redan läser hans blogg, kan du göra det här. Där kan man bland annat få upp förmögenhetsstatistik. Jag hittade följande info från SCB:

”Var tredje svensk har ingen förmögenhet alls, eller har till och med skulder som är större än kapitalet. 40 procent av svenskarna har ett nettokapital som är mindre än 4 000 kr och hälften av svenskarna har ett kapital som är mindre än 28 000 kr. Om vi bortser från värdet av egen bostad saknar 80 procent av svenskarna ett eget kapital. Även om den egna bostaden representerar ett förmögenhetsvärde känner sig knappast en normalfamilj med stora skulder på radhuset förmögen.”

Man blir ju mörkrädd! Är det för att 80% av befolkningen ständigt lever på marginalen och inte har möjlighet att stoppa undan lite pengar, eller för att man helt enkelt inte vet hur man sparar? Ut på marknaden med Er alla samhällsparatiserande studenter. Nu måste vi hjälpa till att få igång ekonomin! Eller kanske hjälpa till med ekonomisk rådgivning?

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Belarusian grads forced to work in Chernobyl zone.

The authoritarian Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is now making graduates from the country’s universities move to areas along the border to Ukraine, the area contaminated after the Chernobyl explosion in 1986. The dictator now wants to repopulate these areas, for agriculture and industry to revive.

”Kasya Markouskaya, 23, has been ordered to spend two years in Buda-Koshelyovo, a contamination-area town, when she graduates with a journalism degree this spring.

”My situation is little different from that of a slave who has been forced to do dangerous work,” Markouskaya told The Associated Press recently. If she refuses, she will either be stripped of her diploma or required to reimburse the state for the full cost of her education. When she entered university, there were no such strings attached.

The work assignments began last year, and about one-fourth of this year’s 21,000 graduates are being sent to the contaminated areas.” the IHT writes.

Further, they write that ”many people from these areas moved away; Lukashenko now wants to repopulate them so agriculture and industry can be revived.

Some of the young professionals sent to contaminated regions last year have already fled. About 800 graduates have refused to take up their work assignments this year, the Education Ministry said.”

Lukashenko not only is a terrible dictator – the last in Europe – it has been said, suppressing his opposition with ruthless measures. He also treats his own population as slave labour. Let the freedom revolution come! 

Aftonbladet, Fox and the IHT

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Med yttrandefrihet som ledstjärna.

Carsten Juste meddelande idag att han lämnar sitt uppdrag om ansvarig utgivare och chefredaktör för Jyllands-Posten.

”Juste hamnade på världens förstasidor i samband med Muhammedkrisen 2005-2006. Både den gången och i februari i år var det Juste som tog beslutet att publicera Muhammedkarikatyrerna.” skriver Sydsvenskan.

En modig man som sätter yttrandefriheten i främsta rummet. En imponerande man.

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First P&P of Trinity.

Every Sunday, OUCA meets for Port & Policy at the Union. Always a great evening with lots of port and interesting policy… Last night’s first motion was ”this house belives that tighter immigration controls are intregral to better public services.” It’s a topic a lot of people get emotionally involved in and an area where solutions to well articulated problems might be hard to find. Nice evening!  


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The last of the Eminent Victorians, the New Britannia, the Iron Lady

Came across some great quotes today working on British politics – all about or by our Margret Hilda Thatcher. Couldn’t help but to put up some of them here. Old quotes you can’t read too many times…

”You know there are times, perhaps once every thirty years, thre is a sea change in politics. It then does not matter ehat you say or do. There is a shift in what the public wants and what it apprroves. I suspect there is now such a sea change – and it is for Mrs. Thatcher.” Prime Minister Callaghan in 1979, facing electoral defeat

”We can go on as we have been dong, we can continue down. Or we can stand up and with a decisive act of will we can say ‘Enough.'” Thatcher

”Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.” Thatcher

”The Lady’s not for turning.” Thatcher

”M. Delors, said at a press conference the other day that he wanted the European Parliament to be the democratic body of the community, he wanted the commission to be the executive and he wanted the council of Ministers to be the Senate. No. No. No.” Thatcher

”From the first I regarded it as my duty to do everyting I could to reinforce and further President Reagan’s bold strategy to win the Cold War.” Thatcher

”One day liberty will dawn on the other side of the wall.” Thatcher

”I knew that far more important than what I said was the fact that I, as Prime Minister, was there to say it.” Thatcher

”I have never minimised the importance of society, only contested the assumption that society means the State rather than other people.” Thatcher

”We now know that it is not government, but free enterprise, which is capable of creating wealth, providing jobs and raising living standards.” Thatcher


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How to become English: lesson 1

No, don’t worry. I’m not trying to remove my ‘Swedishness’. I promise! That’s not what’s it about. I am and will always be Swedish. Rather, I like to think that when you move to a new country; may it be for a week or the rest of your life, voluntarily or not, you should try to accustom or at least learn about to their traditions, routines, culture etc. So as long as I’m in England I’m going to try my best to be English – as far as that is possible. I must admit I feel a bit like “My Fair Lady”, but instead of learning how to become a lady – that might be the next project – I’m learning how to become English…

You shouldn’t be able to live a life in a foreign country without learning the language, getting to know the culture, the people etc., as is possible to do in my hometown Malmö. (Yes, where you can live an entire life without speaking a word of Swedish as has been proven.) That does not have to do with leaving your heritage though, as a lot of people tend to argue! No! That is the benefit of living in a multicultural environment. Different food, religions, traditions and so on enrich our lives and our perception of things.

The education may involve:
– Learning the National Anthem. (I’ve learnt most of it)
– Learning how to enjoy “local” sport, which definitely is an important part of the cultural heritage in this country. (I watched most of the rugby matches during the world championship, especially when England and Wales were playing, and playing each other! And yes, it is most enjoyable!)
– Wrapping yourself in the flag (Me and the flag; see picture)
– Language (Doing my best; working on it)
– Enjoying their food culture. (?) Well…

Today I took a new step I’ve long feared in my becoming-English-education: food. Yes, that’s right. And for those of you wondering, yes Britain has a food culture. May it not resemble much of the finesse of la gastronomie française or the splendors of Italian cuisine, but it still has traditions. And no it’s not about once in a while enjoying a fine pub meal with ale as it’s written in the guide books, but rather hard core English “cooking”. And cooking here involves heating in a microwave. (Gulp) So, today was The Day to try baked beans. It might not sound that bad, but white beans in tomato sauce is not my idea of great food and I’ve been traumatized ever since my first trip alone to Britain, 11 years old. I was forced to eat baked beans on untoasted toast bread every day for a fortnight.

Well, today’s experience wasn’t that bad, but I’m still hoping not all English people eat baked beans, so that there’s still hope for me to be a bit English…